CAASA’s Mission

The Canadian Association of Alternative Strategies & Assets was formed to bring together alternative investment managers and investors, along with service providers, in a setting conducive to information sharing, discussion and networking, and collaborative initiatives.


CAASA represents a broad cross-section of public and private market participants whose offerings are distributed to true retail, Accredited Investor retail, family offices, endowments, foundations, public and private pension plans, and sovereign wealth funds.

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From Local to Global – and back again

CAASA’s activity is in all areas of Canada, from larger asset management hubs, to those with major / a concentration of investors, to others where service providers congregate.  It is important for a truly national organization to be engaged in all aspects and regions – and being present in these areas leads to important market intelligence and the ability to tailor CAASA’s offering.

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CAASA’s Activities

CAASA serves and represents the alternatives industry in Canada by engaging in member-lead local and national initiatives in advocacy; investor, manager, and industry best practices & policies; committees and working groups dedicated to broad mandates as well as those uniquely Canadian and in areas of national or regional expertise; and production of thought leadership events, publications, and initiatives affecting the Canadian and global alternative investment landscape.

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CAASA events are designed to engage all participants within the industry. Our events will range from educational luncheons or seminars, events organized to enhance your peer network and our annual conference structured to promote a conducive environment to engage managers, investors and service providers within Canada and globally.

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Interested in becoming a Member?

As a member of CAASA, you will be joining peers and other industry leaders in a collaborative setting for member driven initiatives, industry changes and information sharing both locally and globally as we bring a spotlight to Canada.